Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Spreading of Aforementioned Sewing Gospel!

As the first sewing lounge, Stitch is always delighted to hear of so many like-minded folks opening sewing lounges around the country! We'll do our best to keep you updated about where the sewing gospel is being spread!

Sew LA (Los Angeles, CA) --
Kitty Kitty Boom Boom (Durango, CO) --
Stitch Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) --
Bobbin's Nest Studio (Santa Clara, CA) --

And of course, our other friends around the country that have been rockin' the sewing and crafty gospel for quite a while should get a shout out too:

Stitches (Seattle, WA) --
Sparks Craft Studio (Boston, MA) --
First Samples (Austin, TX) --
Make Workshop (NY, NY) --
The Sewing Lounge (Minneapolis, MN) --
Quiltology (Chicago, IL) --

Hurray for spreading the sewing gospel! (If you know of other places, please let us know!)


Elizabeth said...

I'm amazed at how the sewing world has grown and expanded - and even more impressed at what an amazing community sewers and crafters have developed. Kudos to all involved!

Blondell said...

Hi, I'm the owner of Baltimore and Maryand's 1st sewing lounge called the Sassy Sewer. I'm located at 9008 Harford Road, Batimore 21234.

heidi said...

Hi! So cool to see seamsters unite for fun & learning. I am partner in Stitch Cleveland. We opened in June 2007.

Tam said...

amazing...! Your site was such an encouragement to me! I had been wanting to do what you gals have done long before I knew anyone else was doing it! (have notes for machine area, re-styling etc from over 10 years ago) decided to get online a couple of years ago to see if my idea was already my surprise you were the only ones I could find! You've done such a great job at your location and being an inspiration to so many! Thank you! I got to work and finally in August of this year opened "Provisions of Grace, sewing lounge" (which is in process of a serious update) and in Nampa Idaho. (near Boise) The "provisions of grace" was to allow for the expansion into other great crafting and finished products for home while still maintaining the art of sewing! Bless you all for putting so much back into your local community and worldwide community!